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College of Professional Certifications

CPC Instructors
 Daniel A. Briggs, Ph.D.
 David Gutierrez, M.D.
 Jacques van den Berg, Ph.D.
 Benjamin J. Briggs, M.D.
 Frank Greco, Ph.D. Engineering Mgt.
 Yvonne Love, Ph.D.
 Moses Kharat, M.D.
 Diana Murray, Ph.D. Cand.
 Daniel J. Briggs, M.S.
 Agazi Tedla, MBA, Cand.

Photo Coming


 Donald Dunn, DM

Photo Coming


 Kerantha Poole-Christian, Ph.D.

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 Mike Laverty, Ph.D., MBA

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 Phuong Callaway, Ph.D.
Pending  Alex Dorsey
Pending  Amy Peterson
Pending  Duane Thomas
Pending  Don Flores
Pending  Jennifer Friedler
Pending  Hala Thompson
Pending  Kenneth Phillips
Pending  Justice Ike Akpan
Pending  Will Nicholas
Pending  Michael Tapler
Pending  Brent Stephen, Ph.D.
Pending  Steven Brownson
Pending  Randell Orner
Pending  Rolando Regino
Pending  Donna Poppendieck
Pending  Rand Frandrich
Pending  Robert Raab
Pending  Joe Perez, Ph.D.
Pending  Dondu Kilinc
Pending  David Brock, Ph.D.
Pending  Alvaro Gonzalez
Pending  Nina Nicholas
Pending  Sanaz Saeed Ahmadi
Pending  Yemane Hailesellassie, M.S. Chemical Eng.
Pending  Anne Morrison
More Instructors  Coming Soon!


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Oxford, FL 34484

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